Re: Glitch

Date: 06/09/95

On Fri, 9 Jun 1995, U1107 wrote:

> Well i know that you can set the level to 0 ... by typing set file 
> <player> <thing to change> <what to change it to> like set file yomama 0
> and about that level 69 thing... a friend of mine had that happen on his 
> mud too... Although i forgot to ask what he didnt to fix it.... I think more
> people are starting to find out about it now... Keep your eyes open everyone
> 					-Lizard

	I know exactly what to do.  First, purge all players that
	take advantage of this bug.  Second, in db.c under the char
	load procedure check if the level is above MAX_LEVEL, if so,
	close_socket them.

	It may seem harsh, but then, if they're cheating, you don't
	need them around.  They'd be more of a hazard to your MUD
	than anything else.

	Legends of Lore v2 MUD -=[ Isles of Doom and Divinity ]=-

	PS: An alternative that I like better is to set_bit the
	deleted flag on them if the level is >MAX_LEVEL at pfile
	load.  This will prevent anyone from exploiting the bug,
	unless you put in an exception to it... :)

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