re: Long item-list fix

From: jaco v Iterson (
Date: 06/14/95

> Here is a suggestion to change a list like:
>   you see a waybread
>   you see a waybread
>   ...
> to something like
>   you see a waybread (3) 
> (if there are 3 waybreads that is)

If you're gonna change it, why not change it to:
    you see three waybreads
    you see 3 waybreads

If I would be on a mud and see something like
    you see a bread (3)
    you see a rusty sword (2)
my next command would be quit, no kidding.

Come to think of it, the list command for shops as shipped in
circle3 looks like it's make for debugging.
You'ld better fix that before you go on-air.


(Sorry if I sound grumpy)

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