Re: Code thats out there!

Date: 06/15/95

On Fri, 4 Jan 1980 wrote:

> I has seen these options out there on different circle muds, but can 
> never get a hold of the ppl who write the code.  I would like to add 
> autoloot and autocond to my mud, so please send me the code i need!
> 				thanks      Mayhem

	in change_alignment, or somewhere else in fight.c where
	both the killer and victim are passed:

	  do_get(killer, "all corpse", 0, 0);

        in comm.c(?) or wherever the prompt it shown, before the
	invisibility level, put something like:

        if( PRF_FLAGGED(d->character, PRF_AUTOCOND) )
	sprintf(prompt, "%s[%s%s is %s%s]%s\n\r",
		CCCYN(d->character, C_NRM), CCRED(d->character, C_NRM),
		GET_NAME(FIGHTING(d->character), function-that-returns-
		a-string-containing-health, CCCYN(d->character, C_NRM),
		CCNRM(d->character, C_NRM);

	then change the wiz-invis code to:
	sprintf(prompt, "%si%d", prompt, GET_INVIS_LEVEL(d->character));

	Of course, you'll have to substitute some of this with proper
	CircleMUD code, and references.  You'll most likely have to play
	with my rendition of AUTOCOND, unless you want to make a fnct
	that returns a "char" word(s) that are something like:

	"in perfect condition",
	"somewhat bruised",
	"bruised and scratched",
	"excessively bleeding",
	"in horrible shape",
	"mortally wounded",

	That being just an example...

	I don't use Circle code commonly, so :)


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