re: Long item-list fix

Date: 06/15/95

    Also, on this subject, you don't need to sacrafice the long
    descriptions, just adjust your code to allow for them.  My
    preliminary idea, lacking any real code (maybe pseudo), is to
    not just show `a', or `an', but:

    A red coat is lying here.
    Three red coats are lying here.

    The pluralization of the name can be handled by act, or something
    else.  Not sure..  Some pseudo-code with a psuedo-macro :)

	#define OBJ_HEADER(obj, amount)		\
		(amount == 1 ? A_AN(obj) :	\
		 amount < 11 ? number_table[amount] : 	\
		 number_table[11] )

         const char * number_table[] = {
         "A lot of",

    Very preliminary, just an idea... what do you think?  Can those
    of you that are familar with and use CircleMUD code turn this idea
    into a reality?


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