Re: wiz bits

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 06/15/95

Timothy B. Maddux wrote:
> it's cool, we've got it on hex, the problem is it's harder
> to 'regulate' if you care about that kind of stuff compared
> to seeing the level... so maybe it'd be smart to have a quick
> way to see it outside of a 'stat'.

hmmm. thats why i retain the levelish titles (titan, god, creator, etc.).
i wrote a lil util that can toggle bits on and off, and display them in an
easy-to-read format, shrug. one way to temporarily give an immort other 
abilities is to save the current long before granting them new stuff. 
have a timer if yer scared of forgetting to set it back to the old long.
another nice feature wich i think should be pimped in circle is the let 

let newbie holylight

just like force, cept it temporarily terns the target into a player of 
yer power... (set those bits to equal yers, then replace after command 
executed) of course you can do this with simple levels too. very handy.
it has never given us trouble save once - the co-imp 'let all save' and
crashed the mud - instantly creating 20 imps ;)

> like, we get imms that are given 'load' temporarily for a quest
> or something and then it turns out they have it for a month, we're
> talking newbies here and sometimes newbie imms misbehave... hell,
> our implementors have.
> - tim


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