Price weapons
Date: 06/15/95

Hey!!  Well i know before i start to type this message that there are 
going to be alot of different views concerning prices but i would like to
see what you other muds have set up as a price list for weapons.

I would like to get a price vs. weapon damage plus magic bonuses. 
Something like:

	Damage		Base Cost (not magical
	1d6		100
	1d8		200
	1d10		500
	1d12		1,200
	2d6		2,000
	2d8		4,000
	2d10		7,000
	2d12		10,000
	3d6		14,000
	...		...
	...		...
	4d6		1,000,000

this is just a rough off the top of my head table i never thought about, but
wanted to give you an idea of what i mean.  Next, what would magic 
ablities run, 2000 extra for every additional point they get in the
14 5   (would be 5 x 2000 = an extra 10000 for the item)

and if the item has TWO special abilities its 30000 more + 3000 for every 
additional point
so a
4d6 (weapon) with +4 hit and +5 dam would cost => 1,000,000 + 8,000 + 
30,000 + 15,000 which totals 1,053,000

The reason why i asked the like this is to avoid prices on weapons who's 
value is NOT base on the characteristics of the weapon but some other 
reason, like: King Smith's Dagger  (1d4) which has a value of 6,000 gold
because in the descp. it says the dagger is solid gold or something.

I thought that since some of yous out there have been doing this long 
enough that you'd have a better idea of what the base cost of a weapon 
according to the damage and magic abilites.  I know i'm the kind of guy 
who likes to walk quitely and carry a very sharp sword, so i'd likely 
under price the cost of my items rather then over price them.  All 
comments and suggestions welcome!


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