Need help with your MUD?
Date: 06/16/95

Hello all,

     Well because of some outragous circumstances the MUD that I was running
was taken down because the BBS is going down.  Here's what I am looking for:

* A telnetalbe BBS with CircleMud, or simular software
* The need for you to have someone maintain your MUD including:
  * Making and adding new Worlds
  * Maintaing current user list
  * Watching over the MUD
  * Keeping the game fair
  * Watching for hacking
  * etc.
I ask nothing, I enjoy making things that many people can enjoy, please
E-Mail me with any info, I am changing Internet Handlers so if you do reply I
will give you my new address.  Hope to hear from you soon.
Ephraim Lindquist
Quasar Enterprises

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