Re: bash..

From: DoDGeR (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 06/16/95

/==/ and thus Raymond J Nawara writes:

dreck>  From: dodger@WPI.EDU (DoDGeR): I don't know if this bug still exists,
dreck>  but it has been driving me nutz in 2.2...  if you bash a sanct'ed mob,
dreck>  you always see the failure message because the sanct turns the damage
dreck>  from 1 to 0 and that tells skill_message to print the miss message...

dreck> Yep, its still there. Was wondering why I was getting those fail
dreck> messages and still succeeding ;)

dreck> Ray
One more note.  the setting of a wait state on a mob fails because the wait
variable is in the descriptor_data and not the char_data.  mobs don't have
descriptors.  It isn't too hard to switch this to a variable in ch->specials.
Now that I have done it, bash actually keeps mobs from casting, imagine that...

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