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Date: 06/21/95

On Sun, 18 Jun 1995 wrote:

> >From:	IN%""  "Leeman Strout" 17-JUN-1995 23:42:03.33
> >Subj:	RE: Code thats out there!
> >
> >Sojourn has a *serious* prompt capability.. all teh way down to giving an 
> >autocon on the target, your tank, yourself, and who can remember 
> >whatelse.. I believe they can be found at 9999
> 	Heh, so has Onivel's jedimud.  Their help is like pages and
> pages long for prompts 8-)  Problem is, of course, no one knows where
> it's at right now 8(
> -Tai

I have the code version 4.11
Death's Domain has a nice prompt too 8-)

aka Rhys & Sorbra

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               nnHHHHHHH~~~           HHHn    nnnnn      '`
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          nHHHHHH~`      nnnn         HHHH    HHHHHHHHHHHnn
        _HHHHHH          HHHH__/H     HHHH    HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_
       nHHHH~         nnnHHHHHH`nnnnn HHH            '~~HHHHHHnn
     _HHHH           HHHHHHHH  nHH nH HHH                  HHHHHn.
    nHHH~       nn    ~  HHHH nHH`nH~ HHH                   '~HHHH
   nHHH    HHH HHHHnHHH. HHHH HHHHH   HHH                      HHHH.
  nHH~     '~` HHHHHHHHH HHHH HHH nnnn HHn                     'HHHH
nHHH       HHH`'HHH  HHH HHHH  '~~~               HHHH           HHHn
HHH        HHH  HHH  HHH  HHH ,__.        HHH     HHHH ,HHHHn     HHH
HHH        HHH  HH`  'HH  ~~  HHHHnnnn    ~~~   nnHHHHnHHH HH     HHH
HHH        HHH            ,__nHHHHHH_nHH~HHHH ,HHHHHHHHHHHHH      HHH
HHH        ~~~            'HHHHHHH nHHH~ HHHH HHH` HHHHHH  nn     HHH
HHn                       ,__ HHHH HHH   HHHH,HHH nHHHHHH_nHH     nHH
HHH                   nn  'HH 'HHH 'HHnn 'HHH'HHHnHHHH ~HHH~     nHH
 HHn           _HHHn.HHH   HH. HHH    HHn HHH HHHH HHH        ,nHHH
 hHHn          HH~HHHHHH   HHH HHH   nHHH HHH  ~`  ~~`       nHHH`
  HHHn.       HHH  HHHHHH ,HHH HHn ,nHHH                   _HHHH
   'HHHn      HHH  HHHHHHnHHHH HHH '~H`                  nnHHH~
     HHHH_.    HHn_HHH HHHHHHH                       ,_nHHHHH
      ~HHHHnn  'HHHH~                              nnHHHH~~
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          '~HHHHHHnnnn                nnnnnnHHHHHHH~~


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