Re: ADMINS (New and Old): RFC

From: Carter T. Shock (ctso@umiacs.UMD.EDU)
Date: 06/21/95

Along the same lines....
I haven't built any of the way cool admin toys yet, but have got a
beta version of my mud up and running that ought to greatly simplify
the creation of admin tools:
In a nutshell, all of the major circle data structures (world,
obj_proto, mob_proto, the descriptor list) are held in a SYSV shared
memory segment. The advantage of this scheme is that secondary
applications can attach to the same shared memory segment and modify
the contents of the structures there without disturbing a running
game. In effect, it de-couples any admin tools from the mud code. I
would highly recommend you look into this scheme before you start to
build your tools.

The Void at 4000

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