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Date: 06/22/95

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>:I'm trying to set up some role-play stuff on my circle code, and one
>:idea is to require the highest level mortals to petition for
>:immortality and pass a quest.  My question is, where can I set it so
>:that characters can't level beyond 50(on my mud) by gaining
>:that they would have to be advanced to IMM?
>In gain_exp where people are automatically advanced add a trap for
>the level, i.e.
>if (exp < immort_exp)
>   advance(char)
>   send_to_char("You must pass a quest to continue further...")
>Has anyone implemented at system to only allow advancement of one
>level at a time? Seems silly for a level 1 person to group with a 50,
>kill some massive mob and instantly be level 12. I like the system
>that only lets you advance 1 level at a time and requires a visit to
>the guildmaster every time to level. I have a pretty good idea how to
>do it but didn't want to reinvent the wheel.

    One idea is make the player at most one quarter of the maximum exp
    the player needs to level. Something like this:
    A player level one needs 2500 exp to level when he enters the 
    game. So, even killing a tough mob (such as guildguards)in a 
    group, he would receive only 625 exp.
    To make the players advance levels only with their guildmasters:
    - Turn off automatic advance;
    - Create a bit which is set when you have enough exp to level;
    - Make an IF to not make the player gain more exp;
    - make a command to gain his level (gain, raise, grow etc.);
    - Turn off the bit after the advance command;
    - That's all (I think).
    I do not code in C, but I code in other languages. So I think this
    would work.
    Virtual Worlds of Magma
    Demetrius aka Akuma

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