Re: item duping

From: mud admin staff (
Date: 06/22/95

 > Hi,
 > > >The most simple sollution : if a player types 'save' ALL the players 
 > > >get saved. It's just two lousy lines of code to add. For those interested :
 > > 
 > > Ouch.  Don't do this unless you like lag.  Hint: any operation that accesses
 > > the disk is a slow operation.
 > It *does* work though, and worth the trouble. The program would probably 
 > do the save operation so fast that the changes would be done in cache 
 > memory anyway (unless the cache is write through of course). There's only 
 > one disk access then.

If you are going to use the save all option, which is a very sure way.  use
a fork to do the saving that way the mud it's self will not be laged.  Well
At least it will not be braought to a screeching halt, but it might see some
                                                 Eric E. Ebling (aramis)
                                                 Lion MUD 

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