Re: item duping

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/26/95

> The only truly required 
> step would be to save after the obj_from_char (...) then you cover dropping 
> and what-not and leave the obj_to_char(...) save up to the pc.

Circle currently flags you as requiring a crash-save every time you transfer
eq (the flags are set in obj_from_char and obj_to_char).  Every n minutes
(where you can set n in config.c), Circle saves everyone with a flag indicating
that the need a save.

I suppose if you're really paranoid about eq duping, you could have it save
people whenever they transfer eq instead of just flagging them for a future
save.  Hm.. interesting, I'll have to make a paranoid_about_duping option
in config.c that does that.


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