Re: Limited Objects

From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 07/01/95

John, I guess you'll receive two copies of this.
But, I have an idea for you.
We have implemented this on Death's Domain.
What we do is we update the objfile first before assigning
the objects to mobs.  That is obvious.
What you is read in the objects, and then read in the zone file.
If the object is at max or above max, it will not load, due to
the constraints in the zone file.
You shouldn't have to add another field, referring to the
proposed 0 and 1 flag you had for ownership.
We don't use any flags of any sort to show if an item is limited.
Once again, it reads the objectfile first, like it is loading
the players' eq into the game, and it then goes to the zone file.

Mike (aka Rhys of Death's Domain and formerly Sorbra of Unknown Mud)

p.s.  2 questions.

1)  Anyone know where I can find Lorgalis of Unknown and Kulthea Muds?
    the machines are down.

2)  Does anyone know what happened to Unknown Mud running at 5000?

Try Death's Domain, running at 9000
and Test Death's Domain running at

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