Most Curious (sprinttype)

From: Leeman Strout (
Date: 07/05/95

Well, while adding races and more fun stuff, I found out that for some 
reason, sprinttype(ch->player.race, pc_race_types, buf2);
will report an incompatible pointer type if pc_race_types is declared in 
the same file as the call to sprinttype.

(this is on a Sun Sparc IPC, gcc 2.5.8, SunOS 4.1.4)

I have yet to check it on my Linux box.. but it is *way* annoying.

I looked through everything to find what was wrong, but have found 
nothing. Moving the declaration of the *name[] out of the file solved the 
problem.  If you know of a way around this, it would be *much* appreciated.


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