FWD: Help with some crash bugs and coredumps

From: John Mountcastle (mtcastle@liii.com)
Date: 07/06/95

        Unfortunately I have some problems and my MUD will NOT dump a core
I have no idea why this is happening, is was dumping cores fine last week
now it just stopped, I check diskspace, and write permissions, but they seem
to be in order.  Anyways, I know whats causing the crashes, I just dont know
why.  Here are some code snippets which may be of some help - I would apprec-
iate any ideas that anyone could offer.

        Thanks in advance,

        - Sean Mountcastle

#define GET_CHAR_RDESC(ch) (IS_NPC(ch) ? \
                           (ch)->player.short_descr : (ch)->player.xtra_descr)

do_simple_move (ACT.MOVEMENT.C)
        sprintf(buf2, "%s rides %s on %s.", GET_CHAR_RDESC(ch), dirs[dir], GET_NAME(mount));
        sprintf(buf2, "%s leaves %s.", GET_CHAR_RDESC(ch), dirs[dir]);

     act(buf2, TRUE, ch, 0, 0, TO_ROOM);

list_one_char (ACT.INFORMATIVE.C)
  if (IS_NPC(i)) {
    strcpy(buf, i->player.short_descr);
  } else
    sprintf(buf, "%s", GET_CHAR_RDESC(i));

        And anything else that seems to do with the GET_CHAR_RDESC macro.
        Any ideas as to why?

>  I sent this a couple of days ago, but I never received a copy from flipper
> so I figured I'd send it again.  If anyone wants to use this code feel 
> free, but without a bug fix it crashes everytime ANY player moves.
> Thanks again - Sean Mountcastle a.k.a. Glasgian @ The Dominion

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