Re: CR/LF order in some files

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/07/95

> 	This mail is mostly to Jeremy, but posted here so anyone can fix it in 
> the meantime:  there's a few places (mostly shop.c and a couple of wizard 
> stuff like where...) where the end of line is \n\r instead of \r\n which 
> actually doesn't matter for most clients, but unfortunately there's a 
> couple of non-unix clients that won't begin a new line after receiving 
> this code sequence (MUTT on winsock, e.g.), so simply changing all the end 
> of lines to "\r\n" fixes all the problems users might have with like 
> "list" in shops.

Actually if you take a look at older versions of Circle (2.20 and perhaps
some of the earlier betas of 3.0), or any version of std. Diku, you'll see
everything is \n\r.  For 3.0 everything was painstakingly switched over
to \r\n so that non-unix clients would be happy and because CRLF is the
standard (no one uses LFCR!).

(Actually, sed did most of the work, but a lot of it had to be done manually).



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