Re: shout/holler/yell

From: mud admin staff (
Date: 07/07/95

you could use a neighboring zone system where by the mud will only track to 
people who are in neighboring zones.  Since track is used all the tie by players
and it does ecently the same thing tracking the first 10 to 20 rooms between 
to people on a list of neighbors will not take tht much time... and would 
certanly be faster than a general snaking algorithm... 
You also have to ask yourself how oftern is shout, holler and yell used.  No
one seens to use them on my mud.  So if the actul ussage is very small, then
just use the most dynamic system that is fairly quick, but faster to code, 
less likey to have bugs, and needs less maintaince. 
The system I spoke of before would require you tocreate a neighbors zone list
that would have to be constantly updated whenever a new zone was entered.  So 
it would constantly need mantaince. 
Well I hope I gave you new food for thought...
                                              Good day and God bless...
                                              Eric E. Ebling (aramis) of
                                              Lion MUD : 4000

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