Re: Question time... (limited pkill)

Date: 07/09/95

regarding how to limit pkilling to within 4 levels of the attacker, ...

>um... you shouldn't put it into the hit command... remember, all commands that
>cause damage run through the damage command.  this would be the best place for
>something like this (even if it is a bit late).  don't forget to check wands
>and such :)

actually, this would allow players outside the desired range to fight, but
the person who was too high level would just always cause 0 damage. Probably
not the desired effect...  I'd think that the best place to put it is 
wherever it is in the code that it checks if the room has the peaceful
flag set.  Add something right before that to check the levels and then
return if they're out of range. Just "grep PEACEFUL *.c" to find where it

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