Re: Question time...

From: Christopher J. Dickey (
Date: 07/10/95

On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Mark Garringer wrote:

> > you should probably add something to hit(), such as
> > if (your_condition_here) {
> >   stop_fighting(everybody_concerned);
> >   send_to_chars(knock_it_off_message);
> >   return;
> > }
> Ok, well I tried it...
> It keeps failing an assert in fight.c at stop_fighting when I try to have 
> one PC kill another now.
> assert(ch->specials.fighting) or something like that.
> *shrug*

If it's failing from an assert, it's probably because you are calling 
stop_fighting when the character isn't fighting.  I've seen this happen 
alot when people write a buggy multi-hit addition to perform violence or 
some such thing.  One thing you might do is set your pk_allowed flag to 
FALSE in config.c, and then modify check_killer in fight.c which checks 
to see if they should have the PK flag put on them.  In the first 
if-statement in check_killer, you can put in your checks for level so 
that they they won't be able to attack each other without being flagged 
unless they are within the level limits you set forth.


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