Re: Area/World Editor

From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 07/12/95

On Wed, 12 Jul 1995, Edward Almasy wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good area editor?  Something under Unix/X would be
> nice, and Linux/X would be ideal, but I'm willing to try to adapt anything
> written in C, Perl, or some other metalanguage runnable under Linux.

and Chris Herringshaw replied:
> Refer to my message of about 3 weeks ago, regarding the development
> of an X-based admin toolkit + X based database creation utilities.

I see by rereading my above post that I seemed to have limited my
query to X/GUI-based tools, which was not my intent.  I would be
perfectly happy to discover a text-based area editor that works with
Circle databases.

My apologies to all if this is a FAQ.  I just joined the mailing list,
so I'm not up to speed on what topics are timeworn and tired.

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