Re: bind problems

From: mud admin staff (
Date: 07/12/95

Ok the port bind problem is a old diku bug that was told to me about a year 
ago by a diku guru who as been runing one for about as long as diku as be out
it is a bug in the socket options code... 

the options are not reuse a bound port or to resuse it... to get it to reuse 
the port in the function where it bings the port : int init_socket (int port)

change the second line of the function  :
 char *opt; 
 int opt = 1; 

and it will work right, no more port bind ever. don't worry about the change 
in type the code aready force cased the opt var to char* so it will still work 
          Eric E. Ebling
          Aramis  of Lion MUD : 4000


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