Re: Skills instead of Levels?

From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 07/13/95

On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, Brett Helgeson wrote:

> 	Has anyone ever tried to go with a skill based system rather than
> levels and expericence? I can see pluses and minuses for each one, but I 
> would be interested in anything anyone could offer...

yes.  Lorgalis of Kulthea Mud has done so.  The mud was running at 4000, but they are restructuring their machine
setup right now, so the machine is not accessible.  However, you can mail 
me a message to forward to him.  I have another account address of his.
I don't want to broadcast his private address to everyone. hehe.
How his mud is set up is that you gain by learning the skills of the
game.  In fact, he calls his mud MERP, which is Middle-Earth Role
Playing.  It seems more realistic, the way he has it set up.  There are
some types of levels, but I forgot how he set that up.  In fact,
immortals have one level.  However, you are granted commands.  So,
the interpreter.c is not used for level requirement for use of
a command.  It depends on if a Creator has given you permission to
use a certain command.  He also coded it so that you can give someone
a command for x number of days.

> 	Also, I have an addclass.doc as well as a race.doc and multiattack.doc
> (for those who use circle2.20 and earlier) I can always send you if you 
> need them...

can you mail me those docs?  I want to check them out.  I am running
patch 8 now, but I would like to see how you structure those on the older

> 	Also, I have a modified magic system I am working on (thats not 
> quite done) that is not the standard mana based system. (Another question =)
> If anyone has some thoughts and ideas on how to change this even more, 
> please send me your ideas. 
> 	Thanks for the time

Does anyone have any suggestions on a multi-class system?

I want to make it so that everyone starts off as a multi-classed player..
i.e. [1-1-1-1] level, which corresponds to MCTW levels.

I know I will have to write specials for the guildmasters to id the class
being gained, and I know I will need to also put new names in structs.h
to keep track of level_warrior, level_mage, ...

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions or hints that I could go by?





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