Re: Possible Bug?
Date: 07/13/95

On Thu, 13 Jul 1995, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> > 
> > 
> > A friend and I have been working for a few days (heh) here on Circle, and
> > Is going really well.  However I found something thats kind of odd.  Perhaps
> > this is already a known bug or maybe not.  Anyway, when a player logs in, and
> > gets to the MOTD screen, where it gives you the *** PRESS RETURN: prompt
> > the mud will basically grind to a halt until that player presses return.
> > I really havent modified any code that should affect this.  For example, I
> > have
> > a one char on, messing around, etc.  bring in another and let it sit at this
> > screen, and whammo, lockup.  HOwever, as soon as the player gets to the main
> > menu everything is fine.  Anyway please try this out and see if you get the
> > same results.  If this is already a known bug, just ignore me. :)
> Look in the FAQ.  Try defining POSIX_NONBLOCK_BROKEN at the top of comm.c
> and see if that helps.  What operating system are you using?
   Just out of curiosity, is this bug also in beta realease 7 ?

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