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From: Leeman Strout (
Date: 07/14/95

I forget who it was.. but on their report of a typo/bug/whatever  I went 
through my db.c and found that indeed there was a SET_SKILL() without a 
semicolon.. placing that semicolon there however made some very strange 
errors pop up in gcc (-Wall)  This hasn't happened anywhere else, so I 
was hoping that someone here could provide some enlightenment.  

Thanks,  =)

---------   error log and code segment  ---------

db.c: In function `init_char':
db.c:2353: parse error before `else'
db.c: At top level:
db.c:2357: parse error before `->'

2350:  for (i = 1; i <= MAX_SKILLS; i++) {
2351:    if (GET_LEVEL(ch) < LVL_IMPL)
2352:      SET_SKILL(ch, i, 0);    <--- removing that semicolon fixes it
2353:    else
2354:      SET_SKILL(ch, i, 100);
2355:  }

2357:  ch->char_specials.saved.affected_by = 0;

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