Re: Skills instead of Levels?

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/14/95

On Fri, 14 Jul 1995, Phil Priston wrote:

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> _> I was thinking about doing something like that.  Are you working with a 
> _> max number of total levels?  What I mean is, given 30 levels, they can do 
> _> 25 warrior and 5 cleric, etc.  What kind of character they end up with 
> _> depends on how they've distributed the gains.  I think there should 
> _> always be a tradeoff when multyting, though my mud will probably end up 
> _> in the standard max-out 4 levels.
> _> 
> _> Sam
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> A nice way of doing multi-class in my eyes is vastly increase the 
> number of classes you can gain in, instead of having the four 
> standard classes with 30 levels each and all the skills/spells
> split the classes so that you have ten classes with thirty levels,
> This way for a player to become a very powerful character they will 
> have to do a LOT more work. and perhap specialise a little more...
> also USE RACE stats, to stop the player from easily gainning in all 
> professions. *SHRUG* 

I've always felt that 4 classess gets old quick.  10 classes is probably 
a good number to work with, since it allows some variety without making 
classes too specialized.  If you allow players to multi 4 classes, then 
4-class players won't all end up with the exact same character as they do 
in 4 class muds.

Has anyone tried implementing a "school of magic" concept (as in the AD&D 
rules)?  I've been thinking about doing something like that so players 
that start out as simple mages can determine what "flavor" of mage they 
want to end up as.


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