Re: Charisma

From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 07/18/95

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Lincoln Chan wrote:

> Daniel, try looking at the code before making suggestions.  number() is
> a random (laugh, psuedo-random) function that returns a number from
> value a to value b (inclusive).  Also, the aggressive mob check is not
> in update.c (update.c?!?  what version are you looking at?!?).

	If you can read, I clearly stated I'm not looking at CircleMUD 
code, I'm doing it from memory.  I support the NiMUD package, so if I get 
my stuff crossed, it's not because I'm blind, it's because I don't have 
CircleMUD.  I know what number is, that's what I said it was.  So, before 
you start flaming me, learn how to read.  If you want to know why I'm on 
the Circle list or providing code, it's because I'm tired of boring old 
MUDs, and I like tinkering and difficulties.  I won't flame you, I have 
already said you can't read -- but that obviously has to be the truth, I 
plaster that I don't use a Circle-based MUD all over my messages.  If you 
have a problem with me trying to help, or me in general, then go to Hell, 
and skip my messages.  If you, however, were just being arrogant and 
trying to show off, fine.  I've done that before.  But it makes you look 
more of a fool than me.

dak@krimson [ 1234]

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