Re: Duping Equip

Date: 07/18/95

Well, you could remove the save command, and have it save chars every 5
minutes and also anytime a piece of equipment leaves a char (but not when
they get one).. put Save_char in the obj_from_char (I think... around 
there somewhere)
the other very-original-and-cool-but-hard-to-implement-and-almost-
definitely-assured-to-corrupt-rent-files solution that I saw was to
give each object that is created a unique long integer idnumber, 
(each that is created legitimately, i.e. zone resets, 'load' command)
that way if any eq is duped, they'll also have the same id num. Then 
you have to write something to keep track of the numbers, and a 
separate program that gets run on every reboot that goes through the
rent files and removes ALL dupes (i.e., not all but one, but ALL).
This seems like it would guarantee that EQ wasn't duped. 
Of course, you could always just get rid of bugs that allow players
to crash the mud... :)

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