Re: aggressive mobs

From: Phoenix Project (
Date: 07/19/95

According to the circle docs that I read for 2.2 and the builders
handbook for dikus.. Not sure if any of this applies to 3.0, If
you want a mob to be aggressive evil, you must set the aggressive
flag and the aggr_evil flag. This works on my circle 2.2 without
any problems..and they do only attack evil for 3.0
I am not sure since I don't have a copy of the new code handy,
Low quota I am afraid:(

It would be nice if you only had to set the aggressive align flag
instead of both.. I think I will pop that into my mud:) I will
post some code for 2.2 when it is done.. I am sure you guys can
figure it out from there for 3.0:) Give me a day or 
chem 2 test tommorrow:(

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   \_____/  RAYOLA @ ESU.EDU  ( Michael J. Cunningham )
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