Re: sorry about this...

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/19/95

> > > Why do hotdogs come in packages of 10 and hotdog buns come in packages of 
> > > six?
> > > 
> > To be perfectly honest, no clue.  And anyways, that's a code question.
> > I only make the hotdogs themselves and the packages.  Anyways, where do
> > you get your hot dogs in packs of 10?  I can only get them in 12 packs. )=
> what programming language first of all
> there might be something in what programming language they used to make 
> the hotdogs
> or perhaps an incompatibility with the hot dogs and the buns

Well, depending on the assembly line, the hot dogs and buns are more than 
likely multiprocessed.  Therefore, they cannot be developed by Intel or 

IBM and Motorola, perhaps.  IBM's got the buns, Motorola's got all the 
meat! ;>

Hmmm.  All this talk of food, I miss that nacho stand in 2.2! <grin>

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