Spec Proc problems...

From: Peter DeNitto (denitto@brickell.bridge.net)
Date: 07/19/95

I've coded in a few spec procs and have been noticing a few problems with 

First, ok, here's the code for one of 'em...

    CHAR_DATA *victim;
    CHAR_DATA *v_next;

    if (!FIGHTING(ch))
        return FALSE;

  for (victim = world[ch->in_room].people; victim; victim = victim->next_in_room)
        v_next = victim->next_in_room;
        if ( FIGHTING(victim) == ch && number(0,2) == 0 )

    if ( victim == NULL )
        return FALSE;
    for ( ;; )
        int min_level;

        switch (number(0,7))
        case  0: min_level =  0;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_CURSE); break;
        case  1: min_level =  3;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_WEAKEN); break;
        case  2: min_level =  6;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_CHILL_TOUCH); break;
        case  3: min_level =  9;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_BLINDNESS); break;
        case  4: min_level = 12;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_POISON); break;
        case  5: min_level = 15;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_ENERGY_DRAIN); break;
        case  6: min_level = 18;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_HARM); break;
        case  7: min_level = 21;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_TELEPORT); break;
        default: min_level = 24;
                 cast_spell(ch, victim, NULL, SPELL_WORD_OF_RECALL); break;
        if ( GET_LEVEL(ch) >= min_level )
    return TRUE;

Now, the problem I'm getting is this:

Say a player goes into the room....

Mob is non aggro.  The player then tries to look at the mob.  Instead of 
a description they get 
and whatever they do for a few turns they get Ok.
Finally they attack it... and nonte of the the mob's spells, say like 
teleport and word of recall do nothing...
it'll say "<mob> looks at you and utters the words, 'word of recall'
and nothing will happen.

Help someone? :)

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