Re: Access for coders

From: Joey Buttafuco (
Date: 07/21/95

On Tue, 18 Jul 1995, Carter T. Shock wrote:

> >    and write for the owner (only). This happens at work, I would suggest 
> >    adding statements to the end of your autorun script to the effect of
> >    'chmod g+w etc/players' and all other files.. 
> Even easier. If you run under csh, just set UMASK in your .cshrc
> to create files that are group writeable. I forget the exact setting,
> but I think UMASK is a mask (as the name implies) so something like 
> setenv UMASK 0113 should create files with -rw-rw-r-- permissions.
> 	Todd
> The Void @ 4000

Wouldn't this be better served by a chmod g+s on the dir and all dirs in 
question? By adding the setuid bit, you insure that all files in that 
directory remain owned by the group... I myself have had problems because 
I've su'd and edited the files and then they're owned by root.root... by 
setting the setuid bit, it ensures that the file will remained owned by 
the group, but owned by root userid... (you can go back and fix your 
mistake later, or setuid the owner bit too).


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