Re: Oops, and an idea...

Date: 07/21/95

>interesting point
>a scabard would only be practical if ow say you were useing a critical 
>hit and fumble chart system
>I would like to see that happen but I am not familiar with the TO HIT 
>system unuff to be able to do it myself

Well, its pretty easy to imp, in fight.c in the function hit() (i think)
near the bottom it does a roll, and i think in the 3.0 code it even 
has comments showing where there was a hit and a miss... if its a miss,
just have it check the value ot the hitroll, and if it was the minimum
(should be 1 unless you changed it) then they drop their weapon in a fit 
of clumsiness.. (very dextrous characters should never have this problem
as I think they get + to their hit, enough to make sure its never 1).
Or you can imp a 'disarm' skill...  but still, I'd like to hear about 
some more practical ideas for the use of a scabbard, something to make
it worth a player's while to have one (other than having something in 
every possible eq slot! :)

>I am very very novice with C and even running a mud or anything else on a 
>unix machine
>main reason I accepted this job/hobby from the person who asked me to do 
>it was I am willing to learn but still dont own a C or Unix Book

I was in the same position, but just getting a good book and reading all
the chapters that teach C can clearup a LOT.  I have one, called 
"C: The Complete Reference" (i think), can't remember the author, some
dude on the back with long black hair and a mustache... its a great book,
worth the money if you can scrape it up (or maybe even get it at the library.
they must have books on C at your public/school library). This one has a 
tutorial on C for the first section (goes over everything clearly and 
completely.. very handy) and the next section is a reference on every 
standard C function (the whole book is ANSI C compliant, and talks a lot
about UNIX C and UNIX and stuff) and last section is all about advanced
topics like linked lists, queues (?), AI, and other shit. Very handy book.

>also I am on a student budget and cant exactly afford books or food or 
>shoes or clothes or girls or air at this point
Too bad about the food, but you can't even afford girls?! Rough!  :)
Good luck...


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