Re: SpecProc's for weapons.

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/21/95

> > This could also solve a problem I've been having.  The Pet Store within 
> > my game here, for some reason, sells animals for free.  I've been looking 
> > through the code, the shop files, the mob files, object files, and so 
> > forth, for something to determine how much the mobs sell for, or any sort 
> > of Pet Shop operations.  I haven't had any luck.
> Pets are free due to their Experience.  This'll be fixed in pl9.  Fear not.
> If you want to fix it for now, give the mbos xp values.

Thanks for the help there.  The pets now cost something.  Something I'd 
like to see would be a definition within the shop file which could 
override the prices of the vnums specified, so a store might sell a 
lantern or weapon for higher the normal price, or lower, or even apply a 
value to an item that has none.  I'm away of the floating-point value to 
increase or decrease all the store items, but a single item application 
would be useful.

I had thoughts of including this meself.  When I get into using files in 
C (heh), I'll start mucking around with that.

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