From: Ryan (
Date: 07/22/95

On Sat, 22 Jul 1995, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> returning a *pointer* to the structure, which I'm not, then it would need
> to be declared as static.  But I'm just returning a value.  It's like saying
> "return 52" or "return x" where x is an integer.  return returns a value,
> not a reference so static is not necessary here.  Putting it in won't break
> anything but it doesn't have to be there.
> Now, if you have something like a local array of chars that you return,
> then you *do* need to declare it as static (there are examples of this in
> the Circle code), because the value of the return value is, itself, a
> pointer into the temporary space used by the function.
> --je

Even use checkergcc?  It will tell you that this is wrong and trust me, 
from experience checkergcc is NOT wrong :)

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