Re: Weapons that cast spells (was SpecProcs on weapons)

Date: 07/23/95

Before you do something like 
you want to add a check 
  if (wielded)
this prevents a crash when you try to reference a pointer that isn't 
initialized (or soemthing like that..  if they're not wielding anythingm
then wielded == NULL and trying to use wielded-> will give a seg. viol.)
Also, you should change the object loading procedure in db.c to fill the
new structure you created (weapon_spell_type or something) with zeros,
and then, since I assume not every weapon casts a spell, again check with
  if (wielded->spell[0].whatever)   {
    cast the spell
   } else it doesn't have a spell...
I have no idea if this is right, but I ran into this problem when trying
to change stuff in hit()..  it took me awhile to track down, but there
is also a reference to wielded in .. umm... skill_messages I think, that
one drove me nuts before I could find it!  Let me know if I'm totally wrong,
Please..  heh.
Hope this helps. 

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