Re: Oops, and an idea...

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/24/95

> >I want to change the hold command such that it can hold anything that the 
> >player can pick up/hold.  If it's armor, it acts like a shield; if it's a 
> >weapon, and the player's level/class is appropriate, they can use the 
> >weapon to block, or at higher levels fight.  Otherwise only its bonuses 
> >apply to combat/skills, and the hold command operates normally at all times.
> Would you then get rid of double/triple/quadruple attack, or would you let the 
> offhand weapon use the complete set of skills, thus giving warriors, for example, up 
> to 6 attacks with triple or 8 with quadruple.  This kind of spam could really become 
> obnoxious.
> You could let the 'offhand' become one extra attack, thus giving warriors a max of 4 
> or 5 attacks.
> Also, would you get rid of the 'shield' placement?  It would be kind of silly to be 
> able to wear two shields.
> Your idea sounds cool, tho, because you could make a spiked shield that not only 
> acted as armor, but could do damage, as well.

I think the realism of equipment comes in for only ONE shield and ONE 
weapon until, say, level 10 or 15.  Then the warrior can wield a small 
weapon in the other hand for blocking and parrying.  Say level 25, the 
warrior can attack with that other hand.

Two shields are rather silly, but not impossible.  They would both have 
to be small shields.  Realistically, a shield on the same arm as a weapon 
seriously affects the aerodynamics of attacks, so the warrior would have 
to be of a high level in order to accomplish this.

An interesting quirk would be to let players wield two weapons and two 
shields, and just throw penalties at them.  Once they advance to the 
appropriate levels, they'll get the skills so they can use dual weapons 
and weapon/shield.  The weapon/shield skill would apply to each arm, 
since a warrior can already wear a shield on one arm and a weapon on the 

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