re: online editor

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/24/95

> I uploaded the item/room editor I was working on to the incoming dir of 
> It's a bit skeletal but it's complete as far as the items 
> and rooms go.. you can create new rooms/objects pretty much on the fly 
> and it saves to disk. Anyways some people did reply to my previous post 
> so here you go. :)

I grabbed that editor (assuming it was circ-old.tar.gz that you sent) and 
installed it without any [apparent ;] bugs.  I decided to edit room #3059 
since it was relatively sparse.  The editor definitely has potential; 
something I would be interested in installing would be a 'maximum 
specification', such that "max" would use the topmost room/object/etc, 
"new" would create a new room/object/etc, and so forth.

I'm considering writing an editor for MSDOS, since my C experience hasn't 
reached the level required for this type of project; I'd end up writing 
it in Turbo Pascal.  Once I get the C knowledge I'll want to have it 
running on Unix.  <cross fingers>

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