Re: Autoloot

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/27/95

On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, Ron Poulton wrote:

> I've been meaning to look into saving world, object, mobile and zone 
> files, on a similar topic.  I've decided to build my own tertiary editor, 
> in hopes of building something that's efficient for me.  I'd like to have 
> a number of editors installed for flexibility.  The "rset" command is 
> installed now; it recognizes "name", "desc" and "state" (state is inside, 
> mountain, etc etc).  Eventually it'll be writing to memory, and later I 
> want it writing to the world files.
> Then objects are next. <grin>.  It's going to be a long pull altogether, 
> but it will be advantageous in the long run.
I've been working on something like that too (just in my head so far).  
My plan is to write a simple parser for each file type (maybe just start 
by having it recognize room #'s and titles).  Then write a world saver 
which would read the existing file as a long string.  Edit what the 
editor supports (like the room titles), and save the string with your 

In addition to giving you the backbone of olc, this kind of setup would 
give you instant functionality on a small scale, have room to grow, and 
it would just ignore any data types it doesn't recognize (though it would 
write them back out).


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