Re: CPU time, RAM usage for running a MUD

From: Alex (
Date: 07/27/95

> > 1. What kind of CPU time would, say, a mud with 10-50 PCs online use up? 
> > 
VieMud (albeit, a non CircleMud) takes up about 2-4% CPU time.

> > 2. How much RAM do your MUDs use up? I expect to have a fairly large 
> > number of rooms (not 1 million tho =) and the requisite mobs/items, but I 
> > don't have a way to guess how much RAM would be used up...
> >
We use about 7 megs of RAM with a very detailed world of about 3500 
rooms, about 1500 detailed objs, and a like number of mobs.  We also
have online creation and stuff, and right now due to a rather involved
quest, corpses can't be junked and don't decay either. (=  Of course,
to compensate for this we had to idle zones out of memory which totally
dumps the zone out of memory for the period in which it is idle.

> > 3. How should I set up the directory rights? should I use 1 user for all 
> > coders/builders? or should I have separate accounts? I would like to hear 
> > from people who have this kind of problem. 
We have one directory in which we can edit the mud stuff (and account),
and three other accounts that can look at the files but not edit them.

> > Oh yeah, drive space is gonna cost me $4.00 CDN per meg, one-time fee. 
> > How much drive space should I buy? my mud on my linux PC takes up 10 
> > megs, including .o, .c, bins, world,  etc... but how big do these things 
> > get? I was planning on buying 20 megs.
All totalled we run about 10 megs of drive space (not including backups).
That is about 2+ megs of source, 1.5meg binary (+about 500K of other execs),
data directory of about a meg (including pfile), and the lib runs about 5
to 6 megs.  Oh, and the .o files run another 2+ megs in the source dir.
(almost forgot them... Doh. (= )

--  Alex
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