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From: Ace (
Date: 07/29/95

I started working on adding my code from our old source (Circle 2.11) to 
the new Circle 3.0 code and have run into a problem:

The troubles all started after I added some new spells/skills.

I added the appropriate defines in spells.h, added the necessary lines in 
interpreter.c (for the skills), and added the new spell code (most of the 
were MAG_MANUAL spells because they didn't fit anywhere else).

I now have the problem of whenever I attempt to log in a character, the 
mud crashes, and I get a segmentation fault.

So, have I forgotten to add something that is needed for spell/skill 

Also, what is the name of the program that allows me to find out what 
caused the seg. fault (one of those cool debugging programs)?

I am running under Linux 1.2.1.

Any help/suggestions would be greaztly appreciated.

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