Re: Disarm skill

From: Andrew Paprocki (
Date: 07/30/95

On Sun, 30 Jul 1995, Mark Garringer wrote:

> void disarm( struct char_data *ch, struct char_data *victim )
> {
>     struct obj_data *obj;
>     obj = (victim->equipment[WIELD]);
>     obj_from_char( obj );
>     obj_to_room( obj, victim->in_room );
>     return;
> }

I think the reason that doesn't work is because obj_from_char removes an 
item from a character's inventory.. I think you need to have the 
character remove the object, then do the obj_from_char and obj_to_room.. 
of course, in my disarm function, the weapon gets returned to their 
inventory and not thrown on the ground.. Just my 2 pennies.. 

Andrew Paprocki 6969 - ArchaicMUD

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