Re: Werewolfs :)

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 09/03/95

> Why not just do something like 
>   if (GET_RACE(ch) == RACE_HUMAN)
>   else GET_RACE(ch) = RACE_HUMAN;

Just as a side note, as I believe this isn't what is being attempted, 
since the function of a werewolf would be to morph into a wolf-man when a 
stimulus is present and to morph back when another stimulus is present, 
you'd need a "RACE_WWHUMAN" and a "RACE_WWWOLF" (WW meaning WereWolf); 
this also allows for identification of the werewolf/werehuman; if you 
wanted to have a WereTiger, for example, then "WT" can be used, providing 

Makes for an interesting system altogether.

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