Forward: Re: MultiMUD programmers need help :)

From: Katzlberger Thomas (cat@garfield.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 09/04/95

> Hi all,
> Hmmm, we ran into a very nasty bug crashing in malloc().

We had something simular and it turned out to be a typo in the  
socials file.
It didn't give an error reading the socials file but crashed on malloc
a while later (not always on the same place also).

It takes a while before you look for an error in the socials file  
when you
see a segmentation fault in malloc(), it would be a good idea if someone
made the error checking on the socials file a bit better.

In the mean time remember, if you get strange errors involving  
malloc() while
booting up, and you recently changed your socials file, it's  
probebly an error
in the socials file.


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