Telnet entry routines.

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 09/08/95

Perhaps people of specialized calibre will have begun to read this list 
since my previous request for this information. <heh>.

I've been looking through the socket header files and the socket routines 
within CircleMUD, and have made a few conclusions regarding the specific 
operations of how CircleMUD telnets, however I am no closer (yet) to 
knowing how to generate my own input routines.

It seems that CircleMUD receives user information via lines of data; the 
user types in a line, which the client handles, then when RETURN is 
pressed the client send that line of text which CircleMUD processes;

My interests are to find a method of control over the information typed 
by the user in two instances:

1) Ability to redisplay the line of text being entered without having the 
user required to press Ctrl-R (or whatever other method is used).

2) Capability of reading a single character from the telnet port.

Possibly after another month or so of digging I may discover more; I'm 
curious if anyone has had luck in this endeavour and may share some 
information with me that may increase my chance of success.

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