Re: Telnet entry routines.

From: Paul Cole (
Date: 09/09/95

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Andy Davidoff wrote:

> there was a fella working on 
> this problem for use in auto-completion (mite even have bin you) so if 
> yer out there, how far did you get? i'd be most interested in any 
> progress you make.
> -dert

Interesting idea, autocompletion.  However, wouldn't it be much easier to 
deal with autocompletion by assuming that anywhere a noun could go, if it 
doesn't match after they hit return <i.e. during normal command 
processing> to try to complete it, and if not unique, send some message 
back to the user stateing as much, maybe even a list of the possible 
completions available given the partial input.  That way you don't have 
to fool around with character at a time input.

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