Re: olc

From: Levork (
Date: 09/10/95

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, Ryan Kolak wrote:

> a couple Quick questions:
> Just curious if anyone is using the olc package that is available at 
> I am ... and find it quite useful... i am looking to 
> expand it, but since I have very little free time as it is, i would 
> rather not rewrite it if someone else already has....

I'm working on it, since I'm responsible for the (lack of) features in it.
:) Sorry, but I've lost a week's worth of stuff due to hard drive crash +
I had to move across Canada, so I haven't been up to date .. however I
think I'll post an update next weekend including mob editor

> here is what I am looking to do with it.... (in order of importance)
>   0) ADD SECURITY... only those who have access to the area can edit it..

I left this out on purpose, since I felt it depended on the style of the 
mud / whether gods could be trusted not to stomp on each person's toes; 
plus I wanted a minimalist patch. Anyways, on my mud, this is done by 
adding a "zone" entry to the player file somewhere. Only level 34's can 
do a "set zone" on other gods. So if I do a "set levork zone 13" then 
Levork can only edit zone 13, unless he's level 34 in which case he can 
run rampant (since I like to correct fellow builder's spelling mistakes 
:P )  

>   1) Add support for editing Mobs...
Done, still fixing bugs tho.

>   2) Add support for editing Shops...
Not started yet.

>   3) Add support for editing Zones... 
>From recent discussions, I'm not too sure if editing this online is such 
a good idea.


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