mob programs again...

From: James VanRegenmortel (
Date: 09/10/95

well, i am having my share of problems with the mob program too.
I installed travelers patch (mobprob.pl8.tar.gz) from the
sight, it installed with no errors, compiled fine and the mud runs perfect...
but when i tried to use the program, the mud wouldn't bootup. 
  As a test to the new program, i added a simple procedure to the city 
guards to see if the mobprog worked. i added...

>greet_prg 75~
smile $n

to the end of the cityguard in 30.mob ... When i tried to restart the mud,
it got to the part where is loads in the mobs and stoped.

it said,

Loading mobs & generating index.
Loading_mobiles: vnum 30##? MOBPROG type.

Then it halted, it wouldn't continue with the rest of the boot up?
has this happined to anyone else? if so, any solutions? The mud runs fine 
with out any mobprograms in it. any help would be appreciated.


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