re: vt100 (ansi) codes.

From: Mark Devlin (
Date: 09/13/95

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Sammy wrote:

> I appreciate the wanings I'm getting guys, but I'm not sure my plan is 
> completely understood.  What I wanted to do was allow users to let the 
> mud remap their keyboards.  This would be completely controlled by me, so 
> I'd be responsible for and screwups.  Of course I'd have a way for them 
> to reset before they leave.  I thought this might help the people who 
> didn't have tintin out a little.

While your intentions are good, I think just having aliases is a bit more 
practical, and a lot more flexible (especially if you can do some funky 
stuff with them).

You don't want to put too much interface stuff in a server, since that 
what clients are for.  Plus, to support the key-reassignments, the 
player's comm program (re: client) must support it, and like I said most 
- Mark

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