Re: autorun

From: Patrick McNamara (
Date: 09/14/95

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, James VanRegenmortel wrote:

> does anyone out there have an autorun that works in linux. I rewrote the 
> automaint and it works fine, but i can't get autorun to work.
> I have changed the original so much i don't know what it even looks like.
> i am running version 2.0 slackware with the 1.1.18 kernal. anyhelp would 
> be appreciated. 
>      thanx
>      Darkangel

I'm using the autorun that comes with Circle 3.0 patch 8.  It seems to 
work just fine for me.  I'm not sure right off hand what version of Linux 
the maching has on it, but it is a slackware version.

Patrick McNamara

Sarek of Krynn

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